HWANG’S has fifty-one years experience in manufacture pharmaceutical goods. We are the leading brand in pharmacy market in Taiwan, and our products are well penetrated in hospitals and clinics. We have excellent R&D team with vision, and own professional sales team. We ensure every of our products condition the highest quality.
With excellent foresight vision R&D and self-run professional sales team, targeted not only the OTC product, but also focus on managing and producing prescription medication, which are well penetrate in medical center and chain drugstore nationwide. Hwang’s Shanghai branch is capable of registering new medication licenses, and furthering quality consistency evaluation for generic drugs.

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Any cooperation opportunities are welcome. Hwang’s ensure the highest quality of every product.


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Research and Development

Research and Development are the extreme important foundation to keep the pharmaceutical factory running. Hwang's upholding the faith of "Rigorously manufacturing medication, aiming at the absolute perfection"; recently years, with our innovated R&D team and advanced equipment, Hwang's committed to developing medications that engage the national's drug habits, along with the medication that is suitable for OTC market. With its uniqueness and diversity, a lot of Hwang's products become the market-leading product in the nation; at the same time Hwang's actively expands technological cooperation with world's top ten pharmaceutical advanced countries, and continuously attempt to globalize the development of distribution.

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